Choose New Ways To Be Transported Into 2012

Enter quietly into the last month of the year. Measure your steps; monitor your breathing. Listen carefully for the things our intuitive nature will tell us; things that will help us balance out this year and prepare for the new set of months which are approaching. This is the time we each may need a good stock blend of solitude and camaraderie. Many things have paraded and swirled around us and before us in the past eleven months, mostly in fast-forward.

For some of us, it seems almost impossible that January will again be here soon. Before allowing the festivities of the holiday season to mix glee, stuffed calendars and list of must do/must have tasks plus materials; might we each take the lasts small portion of 2011 and think forward to the first days of 2012?

With just a bit of time, we can map out a plan that will leave us less breathless and more full of vigor and strength for the New Year. I refer to, The 2012 Plan, is one of simplicity; one that includes plenty of “me and you” time to connect with each other and with those people and loved ones in our lives who are our lives. A Plan that provides a strolling-type pathway into the next 12 months, a path that isn’t cluttered and littered with past year’s regrets and sticky tears shed over spilled dreams that didn’t make the cut for whatever reason. Or perhaps we’ll finally decide to let go of the lost feelings we harbor for some sparkling opportunities that we missed out on, Choose New Ways To Be Transported Into 2012 releasing finally those prickling memories of the things that got away, turning instead to the amazing opportunities which are still within reach, waiting to happen.

Perhaps this be the year we no longer build customized shelves to store and stack the things that are no longer working brightly in our lives. Many of us pay in large sums of self- contentment as we casually learn to give up tranquility,
healthy movement and stress released actions in our lives. We allow our minds to waddle around in mud-stuck thoughts and processes that use the power & permission we give it to bring us down. Or, in some cases, leave us standing on a street corner, waiting for a bus that never arrives.

Years ago I read a short story from a collection of ideas to help jumpstart us out of the doldrums times in life. It was a story of a woman who stood day-after-day in one spot, on a corner, waiting for a bus. Each day she would arrive, stand there with her bags and belongings, watching down the road for the bus that would take her where she wanted to go. And each day, the bus never came. However, in retracing the months and years that made up her encampment on that corner, it was noted that she had an abundant array of vehicles and other devices that could have easily transported her to wherever she wanted/needed to go. There were thousands of taxis that arrived; tandem bicycles offering a ride; scooters, skateboards, inline skates, carpools, a rickshaw, a donkey, a helicopter, a wheelchair, a sofa on wheels, a forklift, someone offering a pogo stick, and even a circus parade led by an elephant with a passenger basket on its back!

Each resource that passed the woman on the corner would call out “Come, go with us. Let us take you where you want to be!” All were offering to help her get to her destination. She told each one, “I’ll just wait for the bus; it’s how I always travel.” When asked by a passer-by why the woman stood there day after day, refusing all other offers, preferring instead to wait for the proverbial “bus that never arrived”, she simply said “It’s my routine; it’s what I am used to; it’s what I’ve come to
expect in my life.”

We at Rushing Real Estate, as we recall the many opportunities we had privilege in being part of, and a few other projects that baffled or alluded us, we are carefully taking stock and making plans for a fabulous new year. We’ll not be found waiting for a bus that never arrives! We are making/taking the time to reflect on the wonderful happenings we’ve witnessed this past year and looking forward to all the plans we have for 2012.

A year of simple, hard work, with projects threaded together in communication, dedication, truth, powerful self-inspiration
and a great sense of respect for our Team, our clients, our families and friends and our communities. Wishing each of you a
wonderful holiday season with plenty of momentum into the new year.

Bo Rushing in collaboration with Linda Harris
written for the Salem Business Journal

Bo Rushing, CCIM, owner and principal broker of Rushing Real Estate, Inc. (503) 588-8500,,

Linda Harris, freelance writer and managing partner in the Employee and Process Development firm of Harris &
Associates, (503) 951-0886,